Mr. Chris Wood

Mr. Chris Wood
Job title: 
President and Chief Executive Officer
Favorite quote: 
No utilitarian philosophy explains a snow crystal, no doctrine of use or disuse. Water has merely leapt out of vapor and thin nothingness in the night sky to array itself in form. There is no logical explanation for the existence of a snowflake any more than there is for evolution. It is an apparition from that shadow world beyond nature, that final world which contains - if anything contains - the explanation of men and catfish and green leaves. Loren Eiseley, The Immense Journey, 1946
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Potomac River Wild Fish Challenge
Little Cacapon River
Stream Ambassadors
Chapter Sites Users Group
Site Bugs
Trout Magazine
The Front Porch
Fly Tying
Campaign for America's Salmon and Trout
Pennsylvania - 9PA
National Leadership Council - NLC
Outdoor Communicators
Climate Change
Save Bristol Bay
Abandoned Mines